Isuzu Lorry Arm Roll / Roro 5 ton Hook ~ 12ft Bin (Model: NPR81UHL)

Arm Roll Lorry has many other names, such as RoRo (Roll-On-Roll-Off), Dump Truck etc... where all refers to the same. It is a powerful hydraulic dumping system for load and unload the garbage steel container.

New Isuzu NLR81UHL, BDM 7,500kg

- 14.5ft original wheelbase body


~ 135ps@2,600rpm

~ 372Nm@1,600rpm

Body Specification:

~ 5 ton Lifting Capacity

~ 2 Lifting Cylinder

~ Hydraulic Pressure 200 bars

~ Hook Height 36 inches or to suit

~ Able to pull 12ft Bin & 10ft Bin

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