Isuzu Lorry 16ft Freezer Box (Model: NPR75UKH)

Let us introduce to you our Isuzu high power model (150 horsepower), which is specially designed for heavy-duty usage. It is suitable for carrying heavy cargo load and/or to transport the goods to hilly areas e.g. Cameron, Genting Highlands etc...

It comes with a factory-fitted 90 Amps Alternator to handle the electrical load of the refrigeration system.

New Isuzu NPR75UKH, BDM 7,500kg

- 16ft original wheelbase body


~ 150ps@2,600rpm

~ 404Nm@1,600rpm-2,600rpm

Body Specification:

~Refridgeration System: Thermo King SV600 (-20 Degree to Room Temperature)

~Insulator Box 16ft, XPS Material

~Standard 3 doors, comes with PVC Curtain Strips & Fully Stainless Steel Locks & Hinges

~Corrugated Stainless Steel Flooring, equipped with double drainage piping

~Fiberglass Sheet Side Wall comes with 1ft Aluminium Cheq Plate

~Malaysia PHE Brand Tail Lift, 4ft Aluminium Platform, Loading Capacity: 1 Ton

~FOC Airfoil

~Optional: Kangaroo Bar

~Optional: Sticker Wrap and Cab Painting

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New Lorry Price Isuzu
Harga Lori Isuzu Baru
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Lori Isuzu dengan Tail Gate

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